Innovations for staying comfortably at home

Our unique hospital at home device offers exceptional advantages in the field of telemedicine. It can reduce diagnosis and treatment times, tests and home to healthcare facility transfers. These extraordinary advantages result in a guaranteed improvement in the quality of life, especially for elderly patients and/or patients with impaired mobility.
The basic hospital at home device is configured to simultaneously monitor vital parameters such as:

  • Sp02, oxygen saturation 
  • heart rate
  • ECG, electrocardiogram
  • body temperature 
  • blood pressure 
  • respiratory rate

The hospital at home device offers caregivers touch to call possibilities, allowing them to video call the patient in real time. Not only does this establish a relationship, this also psychologically reassures the patient. This interaction between the diagnosis and real time therapy (oxygen and intracavitary vacuum therapy) is a determining factor in terms of innovation. The physician now has access to an extraordinarily efficient piece of equipment that allows the same immediate clinical evaluations as in a hospital setting.